Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

This page simply lists the resources that have helped us on our journey towards better stewardship of our finances.  We have benefitted from the wisdom found in these books, the ability to invest, and the management of our businesses.  As we use and find more resources, we will surely add it to the list.  These are affiliate links, so we do earn a commission off of these products, but we aren't going to endorse anything we don't use ourselves.  You can find most of these items on Amazon. We hope that this list serves you well.


ESV Study BIBLE In order to understand how we should be stewards of our money, it's important to understand what God has to say about stewarding his gifts.  This is THE AUTHORITY on stewardship from God himself.

The ESV Study Bible


TheIntelligentInvestorThis is the absolute best book on investing that you could ever read.  Written by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet's mentor and professor, this book lays the foundation for how you should invest.  Value investing has been one of the most successful investment strategies, since it focuses on buying great businesses and not just speculating about price fluctuations in the market.

The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of Practical Counsel (Revised Edition)


How-to-win-friends-and-influence-people If you are looking for some practical advice about how to build relationships with people, grow a network and understand human motivation then get this book.  This book is the gold standard in relationships and personal development.
How to Win Friends & Influence People


The_Richest_Man_in_Babylon.jpg.pagespeed.ic.FfJ7Ucwkiv I know what you're thinking, and no, I'm not trying to convince you to be rich or to take lessons from Babylon, a place the Bible doesn't speak to highly of.  If you can get past the title, I'd highly suggest reading this book.  It's about 100 pages long and would take maybe 20 mins for you to read.  Without giving too much away, it talks about the importance of saving, which ultimately leads to better stewardship.
The Richest Man in Babylon



Motif Investing Invite Motif Investing is the brokerage account we use for our taxable investments.  We enjoy being able to invest in a "motif", or portfolio, that contains up to 30 stocks, and etfs for $9.95.  There isn't a platform that allows you to trade 30 stocks for under $10.  You can even build your own motif to suit your needs. There also isn't a limit to the number of motifs you can have, so you can own a large number of companies at a fraction of the cost at any other brokerage firm.  We use it for our dividend portfolio.

Business Development

Entrepreneur 101

Shopify is a great resource for those looking to build any type of online business.  From blogs to e-commerce sites, shopify can support it all.  They even offer POS systems for brick-and-mortar businesses too!  I use Shopify for both my brands - Don't Feed The Animals and The Bronx Brand.  If you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a way to start your online business, Shopify has the tools and support to get you toward your goals.