Portfolio and Financial Net Worth

Portfolio and  Financial Net Worth

Each month, along with our get out of debt plan, we’ll be tracking our portfolio and financial net worth.  I clarify our net worth as being financial because it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and allowing those things define us.  The amount of money we have, or don’t have, doesn’t define us as human beings.  As Christians, it’s always important for me and my wife to realize and remember that our identity is solely found in Jesus Christ, and worth is not found in money or any other thing.  Our worth is displayed through the cross, as he gave his life to save us out of his great love for us.

The purpose behind tracking our portfolio and financial net worth is for accountability, to remember that our goals aren’t going to be achieved overnight, and to inspire and encourage others to be better stewards of the finances they have.

Hamlett Net Worth Progress


Financial Net Worth June 2015


Overall Investment Portfolio- $13,262

Lending Club Performance

Lending Club Balance Portfolio 2015


Motif Investing Portfolio - $2,078

June  2015 Motif Investing Income Portfolio

June 2015 - Net Worth (-$14,062)


May 2015 - Net Worth (-$15,892)