Portfolio and Financial Net Worth- August

Each month, along with our get out of debt plan, we'll be tracking our portfolio and financial net worth.  I clarify our net worth as being financial because it's easy to get caught up in the numbers and allowing those things define us.  The amount of money we have, or don't have, doesn't define us as human beings.  As Christians, it's always important for me and my wife to realize and remember that our identity is solely found in Jesus Christ, and worth is not found in money or any other thing.  Our worth is displayed through the cross, as he gave his life to save us out of his great love for us. The purpose behind tracking our portfolio and financial net worth is for accountability, to remember that our goals aren't going to be achieved overnight, and to inspire and encourage others to be better stewards of the finances they have. The month of August is going to look a little different from the rest of every month to follow. I just added my student loan debt to our personal capital account in order to have a more accurate view of all of our debt. As you can see, our net worth is only negative $29,349.  It's interesting to me that my financial net worth was higher when I was 15, before I even began to work! We have definitely been poor stewards of what God has blessed us with, and will surely be wiser in our financial decisions.   Financial Net Worth Hamlett Net Worth While paying down debt, we have been building our investment accounts. These include a 401(k), a Roth IRA, a lending club account and a brokerage account. The majority of our portfolio is in the 401(k) and lending club account.  I'm going to post the holdings in our brokerage account and lending club account below and track the investment income we make in a different post.  I think that by giving a glimpse into how we invest, we can not only have more accountability, we can show other that it can be it isn't impossible, and isn't as difficult as it may seem.  Sometimes it's hard to start, and it's easy to read a personal finance blog and wonder "how did they do it? what exactly did they invest in?".   Portfolio Balance Below is our stock portfolio holdings in our Motif Investing brokerage account. We are investing for the long term in businesses that pay dividends and are stable companies.  The purpose of the portfolio, and our overall investing philosophy, is to make as much passive income through dividends and fixed income each month. Eventually we would not only be debt free and have a positive net worth (fingers crossed), but we'll also be able to buy back our time by living off of the income our investments provide.  This would allow us to be more involved in our community, give even more generously and help others in any way we can. We hope this helps.

Motif Account August

Motif Portfolio Value- $572

Lending Club August Lending Club Value- $2,130


Lending Club is a Peer-to-Peer lending platform where people like you and me can loan money to other people that may not be able to get financing from a bank.  I think its a great way to help people out and earn a return on the investment in them.  The platform could be risky, and I have had 3 people default on loans so far.  To reduce the risk, I only invest about $100 into a loan, make sure the person's monthly gross income is at least 10 times the loan payment, and I don't invest if the person is asking for more than $15,000 over a five year period.

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