Keeping Your Wallet Green With RedPocket

At the Hamlett Household, we try to save money in any way we can.  Whether it's saving money on groceries, or getting a good deal on that "thing" we've always wanted, we are always looking for opportunities to save and be good stewards of out finances. If we can be better stewards by saving money, we can give more as well as invest more.  One of the ways we can save money is on cell phone service.

Phone service can be expensive, especially if you have an iPhone like my wife and me.  For us, we only use our cell phones because it would cost us so much money to have both a house phone and a cell phone.  In the phone service industry, it seems like you can either have good service at a high price or terrible service at a low price.  This isn't always the case, but it seems like it has been until now.  Companies have now been offering cell phone service without contracts, at prices that are almost too good to be true.




RedPocket has unlimited calling and text plans starting at $29.99/month, no contracts, and is run on AT&T's GSM network.  You can get the same service you would expect from a company like AT&T, without the fees and hassles of a contract.  You can use your existing phone with a RedPocket SIM card.  We love it because we save on our cell phone bill, and we have AT&T in our stock portfolio!  This allows us to not only save money, but invest in our future so we can give more generously.

We have no issues with out wireless service and are very pleased so far.  My wife and I have been using RedPocket for over a year.  We each pay $29.99 a month, and although this particular plan doesn't include data, RedPocket does offer other plans for your data needs.  We use our home and work Wifi for data, so we didn't need to add data to our iPhones. If your tired of hidden monthly fees or just plain being overcharged for cell phone service, you should visit RedPocket today!

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