Get Out of Debt Plan

Monthly Progress

Each month I'll be posting our progress as we pursue financial freedom, but more importantly, pursue Jesus. I'll have another post of our budget for the month, and how well we were able to steward what God has given us. I'll also be posting what we are investing in and how well those investments are performing. This is going to be a hard journey that you all can now hold us accountable for. I hope the insight into our financial health would encourage you towards being financially healthy and good stewards. This financial transparency is a little scary, but I'm trusting that Jesus would help show where are hearts truly are, since that is where we put our treasures/money. If you want, you can read about the beginning of our journey out of debt. This page will archive each month's progress towards financial freedom.

January 2015 - Debt $17,398.69

December 2014 - Debt $17,627.74

November 2014 - Debt $17,827,26

October 2014 - Debt $17,966.93

September 2014 - Debt $18,206.71

August 2014 - Debt $18,414.94