Financial Snapshot – November

This is my personal snapshot. Each month I’ll be posting our progress as we pursue financial freedom, but more importantly, pursue Jesus. I’ll have another post of our budget for the month, and how well we were able to steward what God has given us. I’ll also be posting what we are investing in and how well those investments are performing. This is going to be a hard journey that you all can now hold us accountable for. I hope the insight into our financial health would encourage you towards being financially healthy and good stewards. This financial transparency is a little scary, but I’m trusting that Jesus would help show where are hearts truly are, since that is where we put our treasures/money. If you want, you can read about the beginning of our journey out of debt.

So far, we have been paying down debt, but we haven't been treating this debt as an emergency.  Moving forward, we need to be more intense about paying off our debt, and not simply building our assets.  I'm excited about our progress, and am excited to see how well we will steward our finances and debt payments over the next couple of months.

I’ve been a ReadyForZero user since Jul 31 2013.
I am using ReadyForZero to pay down my 4 debts.

Debt Progress NovemberDebt Amount November



    $17,827.26- We actually have about $36,460 in debt. The reason why this chart only shows half of that is we have student loan debt that is being deferred while I finish my degree. That debt isn’t gaining interest, but if we make payments towards it before we are ready, and before I graduate, we will have to continue making payments. It is looming over our heads, and we haven’t forgotten about it, we just aren’t ready to tackle it just yet.


    $2,363 – this amount is from our checking as well as savings accounts.


I have paid off 0 of 4 debts, and am currently focusing on paying down Prosper Marketplace – Loan (6680).

  • Prosper Marketplace – Loan (6680)- 32.2% Interest

    • Loan – $6,285.56
    • Min. payment: $177.88
  • Chase (9900)- 22.24%- Interest

    • Credit Card- $2,722.30
    • Min. payment: $83.00
  • SECURED CARD (6333)- 18% Interest

    • Credit Card- $202.91
    • Min. payment: $25.00
  • FedLoan Servicing – Loan (0463)- 6% Interest

    • Loan- $8,616.49
    • Min. payment: $99.74

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  1. Mel says: Reply

    You could probably save up in a separate account to make a lump sum payment towards that larger loan balance… although I’d think knocking down the balance on the higher interest loans is probably your first goal? Good luck, I remember vividly what a pain being in debt is!

    1. Hey Mel,
      We are first going to try and knock out our chase credit card, and then pay off our balance with the highest interest rate. Now that you’ve mentioned it, we should set up a separate savings account specifically for the big student loan. Soon our debt could be a memory instead of a reality.

  2. DivHut says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing your recent financial snapshot with us. Keep on your road towards debt repayment. Your discipline will pay off in the end and the transparency you are providing is giving inspiration to others for sure.

    1. Thanks DivHut! That’s our goal!

  3. Tawcan says: Reply

    Looks like you’re chipping away your debt on a regular basis. Shouldn’t take you too much longer to pay off all your debt. Thanks for sharing with your snapshot.

    1. Thanks Tawcan! We’re projecting to be debt free by 2017, but hopefully we could speed things up by putting in extra towards our debt. Thanks for stopping by!

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