2015 Financial Goals

With every new year, goals are made, some are realized, while most are postponed for the next year.  Before this month is over, I think its best for us to post our financial goals for this year.  This keeps us accountable to these goals, and also helps us keep track of how much progress we are making towards accomplishing these goals.  Of course, we need to always put into perspective that we can plan for these things but God is the one who determines whether or not they will happen.  We need to prayerfully seek his will for our lives and walk in the faith he has given us. Here are our goals:

First, we want to be consistently generous.  Last year we struggled to give faithfully, and I don't want us to invest in ourselves or decrease our debt while forgetting to be generous.  We should also be saving in order to be spontaneous with our giving.

Having a solid cash cushion in our checking account as well as our savings.  We don't want our checking account to fall below $150 between pay periods.  We've been feeling as though we've been living paycheck to paycheck, and this can put a strain on a newlywed couple.  We also want to have some money saved in our general savings, as well as money for future investments and our emergency fund.  In our general savings, by the end of the year we should have at least $500, which would allow us to save for a vacation or any other one time expense without touching our emergency fund.  In our emergency fund, we're planning to have at least $3,000 in our emergency fund.  We're also hoping that we could save $1,000 towards a rental property.

My wife and I are entrepreneurial.  Once her business is up and running, I'll post some info on some of the amazing things she's been doing.  We want to invest in each of our business ventures equally.  It's been a little one sided in my favor, and that's not the mark of a good leader.
We are also going to save for a baby. No, we aren't planning to have a baby for the next 4 years, but we can't be naive.  We'll try to save $1,000 towards future baby expenses.
We'd also like to increase our passive income (from interest and dividends) to over $125 a month, and to have received at least $700 for the year in passive income.  Our interest payments should be at least $100 a month, and our dividends $25.  Last year the most we received for one month was under $54, so this is a challenge I'm excited to undertake.
Each month I'll post about our goals to track our progress.  What are your goals, and how is it challenging you to faith?

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